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Common Questions


One of the first questions we get asked is how much will a stone benchtop cost?

Yes, when you imagine your kitchen looking sensational with a stunning stone benchtop and entertaining your guests around a benchtop that is the envy to every man and woman's eye, you may begin to wonder if a stone benchtop is in your budget. The good news is that supply and...
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If you have been into a kitchen showroom you may well have felt overwhelmed with the choices that lay in front of you. It seems that now the biggest decision to be made when designing your kitchen is the benchtop. In many cases it is the costliest part of the kitchen, so i...
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Are you thinking about investing in a stone benchtop but you are worried about care, maintenance and the possibility of it getting damaged or cracking?

Let’s be honest, this is a real fear for many. It’s not a small amount of money that you are choosing to pay and you want to know that you are investing it wisely....
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Over the past few years, we have noticed kitchen design trends are incorporating textured stones. With this comes yet another decision to be made when designing your kitchen. Should I choose a stone with a polished finish or a honed finish?...
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I bet you are wondering…”WHY would a person looking for the concrete or marble not just go with the REAL DEAL?"

Both concrete and marble in their real forms are extremely difficult to maintain over a long period of time.Marble, being a natural stone is extremely porous and prone to staining. Not only this but it is one of the ‘softer’ stones used for kitchen benchtops, thus, is mo...
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I recently surveyed some of our most recent customers and thought that some of their comments and suggestions would be perfect to put into a blog. Check out the top comments:...
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With so many natural and composite stone brands and fabricators of stone benchtops available here are 4 important questions to ask your stone benchtop fabricator to ensure you make an informed decision when choosing the composite or natural stone for you kitchen benchtop as ...
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Let's get the name right. There’s often confusion between tradesmen and homeowners when it comes to quartz benchtops. This can be because the tradesman are so use to using terms like engineered stone, man-made stone, quartz, and they presume that everyone one will know wh...
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If you are renovating your kitchen, building a new home or thinking of the simple benchtop replacement this question almost always comes up first “What product should I choose for my kitchen benchtop?”. With so many different options out there it definitely does not make...
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What brand of engineered stone is the best?

Are some brands better than others when it comes to engineered stone? Short answer is Yes. Here is a list of a few worldwide recognized brands: Stone Italiana, Compac, Santa Margherita, Caesarstone, Technistone, Cosentino (Silestone), Cambria, Seieffe, Quarella, Privile...
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