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The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Make loving it easy with a beautiful stone benchtop

5 reasons why you should invest in stone for your kitchen benchtop:

Enduring Value

A stone benchtop adds significant value to your home. When you enhance your living space with stone it’s possible to increase the value of your home far beyond the extra investment you have made in a stone countertop. It gives a home a feeling of sophistication, class and timeless value that no other benchtop product offers.

Stunning Style

There is something about a stone benchtop that is extremely appealing to the eye. It will, without a doubt, transform a standard kitchen into a stunning centerpiece that no one can walk past without noticing.

Ultimate Durability

Stone benchtops are extremely durable and do not harbour bacteria. They are less likely to need repairs when compared to any other benchtop product such as Formica or other laminated and acrylic benchtops. Our benchtops are bacteria, scratch and heat resistant.

Colour Range

Engineered stone and natural stone enable you to create the look you have always dreamed of for your kitchen.  From the classical country style to the industrial minimalist look and everything in between, there is a colour and texture to suit your vision.

10 Year Product Warranty

All our engineered stone benchtops come with a 10 year product warranty adding lasting value to your home.

Learn about us and our journey to transform kitchens.

  1. Your kitchen benchtop will be fully installed in just one day!
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Ceramic Stone

Ceramic stone is created using a recipe of natural stone, glass and porcelain ingredients. These materials are brought together using a process known as Sinterized Particle Technology (SPT) which involves mixing the raw materials under extreme pressure and heat. Learn more...

Which stone type is right for you?

Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone (Also known as composite stone) is made up of crushed quartz bound together by a polymer resin in a ratio of 93% quartz to 7% resin along with other materials such as coloured glass, mirrors, shells and metals for aesthetic reasons. Learn more...

Natural Stone

Natural stone benchtops such as Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Limestone and Onyx are quarried directly from the earth as a single chunk. These benchtops are all natural stone that have been taken out as large blocks which are later cut into individual slabs and polished. Learn more...

A wide variety of kitchen benchtop colours and finishes

Select a suppliers logo below, or visit the Stone page to learn more about choosing the right kitchen benchtop for you.

Kitchen Benchtop Replacement

A kitchen benchtop replacement is an exciting, easy way to modernize and refresh your entire living space. Speak to us about what stone products are best for a kitchen benchtop replacement.

New Kitchen Benchtops

We are very proud of the benchtops we have fabricated for every one of our valuable clients, no matter how big or small. Each bring a timeless and unique beauty into their home. Here are just a few of them…

Benchtop Care and Repair Products

Get Informed

A stone benchtop is an important investment and you want to make sure you are well informed before making your final decision. If you are looking for the latest information around products, care and maintenance and colours check out our articles.

5 Reasons to Invest in Stone for Your Kitchen Benchtop

When you enhance your living space with stone it’s possible to increase the value of your home far beyond the extra investment you have made in a stone countertop. It gives a home a feeling of

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Can my stone benchtop crack or get damaged?

Let’s be honest, this is a real fear for many. It’s not a small amount of money that you are choosing to pay and you want to know that you are investing it wisely.

Are you thinking about a honed or leathered stone finish for your benchtop?

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I recently surveyed some of our most recent customers and thought that some of their comments and suggestions would be perfect to put into a blog. Check out the top comments:

Types of Kitchen Benchtops and Their Advantages

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Composite / Engineered Stone Benchtops - A Growing Trend in Kitchen Design

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I am absolutely delighted with my benchtop. Right from the start the service has been impeccable.

A sample of the stone was left for us to collect, the chap who measured up the bench was thorough and a pleasure to have in the house.

The two young men installing were very professional, dodging the elements to get into the house and a concrete pump.

I could not be more impressed."

- Deirdre


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