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4 questions you must ask your stone benchtop fabricator or manufacturer

With so many natural and composite stone brands and fabricators of stone benchtops available here are 4 important questions to ask your stone benchtop fabricator to ensure you make an informed decision when choosing the composite or natural stone for you kitchen benchtop as well an experienced fabricator:

  1. What is the country of origin of this stone brand? Composite stone is manufactured in a number of countries. Countries such as Spain and Germany have stricter quality regulations when compared to countries such as China.
  2. Is my benchtop fabricator/installer as well as my cabinet maker aware of required supports and product specifications to ensure my benchtop will be under warranty? Benchtop fabricators must be familiar with and adhere to manufacturing procedures and specifications for the product warranty to be valid.
  3. Can I view larger stone samples at the benchtop fabrication factory? Slab colours can look different in larger samples so it does help if you are able to see larger samples of your selected stone colour.
  4. Will my benchtop fabricator make a full template of my benchtop on site so that I can visualise the overhangs and the fabricator can ensure an exact fit? If a benchtop is made from measurements only you are unlikely to get an exact fit especially if your home is pre-existing. Make sure your benchtop manufacturer templates your benchtop on site.

A kitchen benchtop is the largest and most used surface in your kitchen so it is important to be well informed about the product and fabricator you choose helping you make the right choice for your kitchen, design and lifestyle.


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