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Our Customer Reviews – Tips and Suggestions from Our Customers

I recently surveyed some of our most recent customers and thought that some of their comments and suggestions would be perfect to put into a blog. Check out the top comments:

1. What made you decide to get your kitchen renovated?

  • "My husband and I were both sick at the same time and we realized we needed a new kitchen. Something that would be easy to work and that we enjoyed being in as we became older."
  • "15 years after my divorce I decided I would like a change from the pinks that I was surrounded by."

Most customers said that they started taking action once they had the money.

Before and After - See the transformation. A kitchen before, and after a LMKB renovation.
Before and After

See the transformation. A kitchen before, and after a LMKB renovation.

2. Where did you go to find the best advice about kitchens?

  • "We visited the Home Ideas Centre in Parnell to start getting ideas about what we wanted. We then went to our local tradesmen"
  • "Go onto the consumer site to get trusted reviews on the best appliances to buy – I have never made a bad purchase."
  • "Talk to people in the town about who is the best at doing kitchens and bench tops."
  • "Ask friends who have great kitchens for advice they can give on renovating their kitchen"

3. What was the biggest ‘pain’ when renovating your kitchen?

All the customers said the pain was the ‘time’ it took from start to finish. It is a difficult renovation because the ‘heart of your home’ has been taken out, so life cannot function properly until it is done.

4. What advice would you give to people starting a kitchen renovation?

  • "Map out your proposed kitchen plan on the floor with masking tape and see how it works. Where everything fits. It will give you a good ‘feel’ for your new kitchen and you can pick up on annoying things like a cupboard not opening when your dishwasher is open."
  • "Be patient. It will take a long time. We did our renovation in the summer. We visited family and had barbecues outside. It made less of an impact."
  • "Have some idea about what you want as your end result. It is easier to choose something from 4 options than 10 and it all happens faster."
  • "Most clients chose what they ‘saw’ at show rooms."

Check out this video about how to measure your kitchen benchtop!

5. How did you find our service?

  • "We really loved LMKB doing our bench tops – Clive and Jesse were so friendly and stayed until the job was done perfectly!"
  • "When Clive and Jessie left everything was clean – the bench top looked beautiful. They even vacuumed the kitchen floor!"
  • "We were well educated as to what to do and what not to do with our new bench top and we just love the bottle of cleaner they left with us. They are the best guys to do your bench top."

It’s great to know that we are doing a good job and thanks so much for your time!


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