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My Sink is Falling Out of My Granite Benchtop

If you granite benchtop has everything but the kitchen sink you are not the only one. Sinks can separate from stone benchtops for 2 main reasons:

  1. Poor installation: If the correct specifications and quality materials have not been used or followed this can result in glues not binding effectively to the stone material of your benchtop.
  2. Age: Your benchtop may have been installed over 10 years ago which could mean that the adhesive products may just not be working as well as they used to.

What should I do?

Your best option is to give a solid surface benchtop manufacturer in your area a call. They will be able to re fit your sink with specialized adhesives and fixings so that you do not damage the stone or cause cracks or chips.

If we service your area just give us a call and we can make sure you love you kitchen benchtop and sink again! Proper installation of kitchen sinks is vitally important so make sure that your benchtop provider uses the best products and method when installing your kitchen sink.

I took a photo of this kitchen sink which had separated. I was able to re-fix the sink and also replaced the silicone along the back of the wall which had gone moldy. Check out the difference!

If there are things that annoy you about your Granite, Caeasarstone, Silestone or any other engineered stone benchtop then leave us a comment or ask us a question. We would love to help.


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