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Granite and Marble Repair Kit DIY


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The fastest and most professional surface repair technology available today. This acrylic material cures (hardens) in seconds when a specialized visible blue light source is introduced. DIY kit for small repairs. Suitable for all Natural Stones (Granite, Marble, Quartz), Porcelain, China, Acrylic and Fiberglass surfaces.

Clear Light-Curing Acrylic (LCA) suitable for granite, marble and other natural stones. The clear flowable gel material brings out the natural pattern of any color or shade of natural stone eliminating the need for color matching or using dust or chips.

Contains enough material to perform 5-10 small repairs.
Kit Contains:

  • 1-gram LCA repair gel syringe
  • 2 syringe tips
  • 3 sheets of sandpaper
  • Polishing paste packet
  • 1 microfiber polishing cloth
  • 1 LED curing light
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