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Which Engineered Stone or Quartz is the best product?

What brand of engineered stone is the best?

Are some brands better than others when it comes to engineered stone? Short answer is Yes.

Here is a list of a few worldwide recognized brands: Stone Italiana, Compac, Santa Margherita, Caesarstone, Technistone, Cosentino (Silestone), Cambria, Seieffe, Quarella, Privilege, Silicalia, Hanwha, AKG, Dupont, Vicostone, Diresco, Falat, ZKM, Pokarna, Quartzforms, LG, Belenco, Samsung and Daelim

In New Zealand only some of these world-wide recognized companies have real presence and backup.

  • Ceaserstone: Israel
  • Silestone: Spain
  • Compac : Spain
  • Santamargherita :Italy 

There are many other names in the New Zealand market but often these are imported from China and branded here. Some are also directly imported by benchtop fabricators themselves.  

As a company we have not chosen to import our own stone as we believe we are best to focus solely on fabricating benchtops ensuring we bring our customers the best product and service.  The advantage for you as a  client is that you have an extra form of protection with larger company back up behind your stone product should their be a problem with your benchtop.  This gives a 'third party' to ensure you have maximum support. 

It is often hard to visually tell the difference between Chinese Engineered stones and European Engineered stones.  There are more vigorous controls as to the ingredients used with the European companies as the need to meet strict health and safety regulations as well as Green standards. 

Although we do not only fabricate European stones we do believe that for some customers knowing country of origin is an important part of their decision making process and we believe transparency is best. 

If you would like to know more about getting a stone benchtop in your kitchen then give us a call


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