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5 Reasons to Invest in Stone for Your Kitchen Benchtop

1. Enduring Value

A stone benchtop adds significant value to your home.

When you enhance your living space with stone it’s possible to increase the value of your home far beyond the extra investment you have made in a stone countertop. It gives a home a feeling of sophistication, class and timeless value that no other benchtop product offers.

2. Stunning Style

There is something about a stone benchtop that is extremely appealing to the eye.

It will, without a doubt, transform a standard kitchen into a stunning centerpiece that no one can walk past without noticing.

3. Ultimate Durability

Stone benchtops are extremely durable and do not harbour bacteria.

They are less likely to need repairs when compared to any other benchtop product such as Formica or other laminated and acrylic benchtops. Our benchtops are bacteria, scratch and heat resistant.

4. Colour Range

Engineered stone and natural stone enable you to create the look you have always dreamed of for your kitchen.

From the classical country style to the industrial minimalist look and everything in between, there is a colour and texture to suit your vision.

5. 10 Year Product Warranty

All engineered stone benchtops come with a minimum 10 year product warranty adding lasting value to your home.


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