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Lithofin NanoTOP



High Performance Protector

Excellent water and oil repellent effect on all absorbent natural and artificial stones. Optimal protection for kitchen work tops and counters made of granite.

This high performance impregnator contains highly active water and oil repellent nano-particles providing ultimate protection against staining. The superior protection ensures simplified maintenance and is suitable for sensitive surfaces such as kitchen worktops, vanity tops, showers, bathrooms etc.

The active components build a thin, invisible film inside the capillary system of the stone, which repels water, oil, and grease. The time oil and other substances can remain on the surface without leaving any trace depends on the type of stone as well as the properties of the surface.

Safe for areas where food is handled – this Lithofin product has been tested according to EU-Ordinance 1935/2004 by an independent institute. The product is considered safe for treating natural and artificial stone surfaces that come into direct contact with foodstuffs.

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Effective for many years
  • Does not form any layers
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