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Kitchen Benchtop Replacement Transforms Hamilton Home

The Hamilton housing market, like the rest of the country, is on the rise. It should be no massive surprise that home owners don’t mind spending a few thousand on ‘up-specing’ their home when they’ve just made hundreds of thousands in the housing market rise.

We’ve just replaced a benchtop for one client who struck it lucky and bought her Hamilton home at a bargain. It was a beautiful 1990’s home with all the bells and whistles. “It’s just the benchtop I cannot stand’ she explained over the phone. “It would be silly for me to re-do the entire kitchen – it’s still in perfect condition but I know I won’t be able to live with this benchtop.”

Fiona’s home was lovely. In door out door flow, an open plan, solid kitchen with cream doors… But I had to agree – the bench top had to go! It was that classic mottled green and grey Formica. Why that moldy, bottle green colour was so popular in the 90’s, I will never know but one thing was true – a benchtop replacement was in order!

A colour consultation was booked in. Ideas and colours were discussed in her kitchen. It is amazing how the surrounding colours and light can affect the base stone colours so it is always important to see the stone samples in your own home when getting a benchtop replacement.

It was only 3 weeks after that, that Fiona’s green kitchen benchtop was removed and replaced. Her breakfast bar she decided to extend which made her entire kitchen seem bigger and increased her working bench area.

“I can’t believe how easy it was. It looks like I have a brand new kitchen with no hassle and the difference it has made to my entire living area is unbelievable. I love my kitchen now, just love it!”.

I believe Fiona’s benchtop replacement just put her home into the next value bracket and it’s easy to see why. Stone just gives a home that ‘wow’ factor, that beautiful accessory that no one can walk past without noticing.


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