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Roy's Benchtop Replacement Story

We can’t wait to have our family come and admire our new kitchen benchtop these holidays!

We love our home and my wife spends a great deal of time in the kitchen because she enjoys it. Our formica benchtop was 18 years old and had begun to fade in certain parts. Louis hated the faded patches and it just made the entire kitchen look worn. We are in our late seventies and just do not want the hassle of having our kitchen taken out and a new one built so I found CB Benchtops number in the phone book and gave them a call.

Clive came around to our home to speak about our different options and have us look at colour samples. We decided there and then to have our bench top replaced. My wife chose the colour from the Eurostone colour range.

Looking back now we are so happy we have replaced our bench top. It makes our kitchen look like new again and it was a lovely experience having Clive and his helper spend the day in our home.

If your bench top is fading I would strongly recommend that you look at getting a benchtop replacement. The faded patches used to bother us so much and now we have a sparkling bench top. We can’t wait to see our family’s reaction these holidays when they see our stunning new kitchen benchtop. It has made such a difference.


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