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Vi's Story - Why I replaced my kitchen benchtop and why I am so happy I did

Vi is another one of our happy customers. She is over 80 years old and I recently visited her to find out how she was enjoying her new stone bench top and to also find out what made her decide to get her bench top replaced. And this is her story…

When Clive came around with the samples to look at, he left them with me for a few days. I particularly like the twinkle black colour –I thought that it was quite dramatic and would add a wonderful feature to my home.I also decided to get new appliances. I didn’t have to do this but I thought ‘why not’.

Eurostone Twinkle Black

I have been thinking my kitchen looks dated for a few years now. The bench top was a grey and pink colour and I just felt like looking at something different. I love my home and my husband and I spent many happy years together here so I didn’t want to make big changes but I also wanted to have something a little different.


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