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A benchtop replacement transformed my kitchen in just one day.

Wendy is one of our very happy customers who was able to completely transform her kitchen her journey and story of how she decided on a bench top replacement I though would be excellent to share.

Wendy had been looking at replacing her bench top for a number of months. “I was never happy with my benchtop from the beginning,” she tells me “When we were building there were so many decisions to be made and I was rushed into it. After I thought, Why did I go with that dark colour.”

12 years later Wendy decided it was time to add a little more investment into her home. “We may be selling in a few years so what I do I want to know is enhancing the value of our home. I went to a few companies to find out about benchtop replacements. I looked at getting a formica benchtop in a different colour but my 29 year old son said to me “Mum, don’t compromise on price. You have a lovely home and you definitely should get a stone bench top”. I did some research around composite stone bench tops and had an estate agent visit our home. She assured me that a composite stone bench top replacement would be an excellent investment in our home. I happened to drive past your workshop. I liked what i saw in the showroom.

Clive visited my home and brought some samples around. Once getting the quote I was quite confident to move forward with the replacement and I have never looked back.

Apart from the smell of glue that lingered a few days after the replacement caused absolutely no disruption to my life and it looks like I have a brand new kitchen. Every morning I walk into my Kitchen I am pleased I replaced my bench top. I would recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their home and have a massive change with minimal fuss. Thanks guys.”

Watch how Vi’s kitchen was transformed with a new kitchen benchtop.


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