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Jenny’s Story – How I chose the right colour for my kitchen benchtop

I’ve just sat for 2 hours talking to Jenny – a very happy client. She is just a wealth of knowledge when It comes to home design and it comes out in her home where everything has been carefully selected and placed, giving her home an overall look of style but also that warm, welcoming comfort.

Jenny completely renovated her home but it’s the kitchen, she tells me, is what she finds the most personal and important space. She has done 3 kitchen renovations and along the way she has picked up so many good nuggets of advice for the person who is looking at renovating.

She likes to have a kitchen designer who listens to her and understands what she wants. I had kitchen designers before that had their design in mind and did not really listen to what I wanted. Malcom- owner of Paton Kitchens was just fabulous with letting me have the kitchen I wanted but also giving brilliant design suggestions that made the flow and use of my kitchen so easy.

The other piece of advice she has (and we really like this) She tells me… I will never try and save money on a benchtop. For me the 2 features of my kitchen was the oven. Which was a stylish, black Smeg 6 burner gas oven and the Granite benchtop. I love to cook and so an oven was so important to me. I had bought the oven 5 months before I started renovating and actually had my kitchen colours centre around my oven. The bench top is granite, colour: steel grey. 50mm thick which ties in well with the black oven. I just loved this chunky granite benchtop it gave a contemporary, unique look to the kitchen. Jenny clearly has an eye for style.


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