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The Story Behind Our New Brand Name

We are excited and extremely proud to bring you our new name and identity:

Love My Kitchen Benchtop.

We started our business as Coromandel Benchtops in 2010. The vision of bringing local homeowners stunning stone benchtops was an exhilarating idea and we launched into the ambitious role of entrepreneurial businesses owners. As we navigated through the journey of creating and owning a business, our unique stamp and point of difference slowly came into focus. We saw our strength in giving customers a unique, personalized service and a product that they will love for many years.

One of my roles in the business has been to visit our customers after they have settled into their kitchen, take some photos and find out how they found our service. Each time I do this I encounter the same two emotions. The first is pride — as I walk into their home, I am always wowed by their kitchen with its stunning stone benchtop and the fact that we made it. (Funny, I know.) The second is satisfaction as I always hear them say in absolute joy, “I love my kitchen benchtop.”

As Clive departs a client’s home after installing a benchtop, he says it’s the best feeling to leave them smiling and overhear them saying they love their benchtop again. To be honest, we want to give you more than a new benchtop — we want to deliver an exceptional experience and make your kitchen a place you will truly and simply love. We get a kick out of knowing that our customers are still smiling when they walk into their kitchen. As silly as it might sound, we want your heart to well up with good feelings when you see the custom stone benchtop crafted specially for your home. Yes, we do love stone benchtops but even more than that, we love bringing to our customers exceptional service and quality, knowing that we have added value and satisfaction to your home and your life.

Coromandel Benchtops started out as an idea that would enable us to move to the peninsula, a place we loved and wanted to raise our family. The Coromandel has a special place in our heart and that came through in our original name. As we’ve grown as a business, and are bringing our service to a wider area we’ve realized what makes us different and what motivates us to go above and beyond for our customers: it’s our desire for every one of our customers to say, “I love my kitchen benchtop.”

We also want to put out a special thank you to those people and companies who have supported us over these past four years and continue to do so. It’s only with your support, confidence and trust that we have been able to get where we are and continue moving forward crafting beautiful stone benchtops and leaving customers smiling.

If you are a kitchen company or designer that bases their business on giving their clients exceptional, personal service then give us a call and have a chat with us about how we can make your customers smile.

If you own a business and you would like to join the BUSINESS NETWORK in Thames then register for the business network below. We invite businesses from anywhere to learn and participate in the journey of creating a profitable and successful business. Contact us to get started.


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