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Our laminate benchtop had a faded patch which always bothered us

Mike and his wife Anne are real jet setters and spend a lot of their time abroad. They have their house powered by solar panels and they are certainly a very interesting couple who are clearly enjoying their retirement. When, finally, I found them at home they were only to pleased to share their ‘benchtop story with me’ For which I’m so grateful and some of the reasons around why they replaced their benchtop and chose the colour that they did might ring a bell for you.

We had a faded patch on our laminate benchtop
Mike tells me that they had a faded patch on their dark laminate benchtop for a few years. It had been bothering them for a while till they both agreed that they needed to do something about it. It was rather interesting to hear that they did not do much ‘shopping around’ when looking for a new benchtop “We liked what we saw” and we knew it was good quality. Mike tells me and we don’t take long to make our minds up.

We changed our benchtop design
What he really loves about their benchtop now is the fact that they opened their kitchen right up. It had a raised bar cap before. Our new benchtop has an island piece with an overhang which makes the kitchen now feel much bigger and much more social, Plus we now have a big working area.

We chose a benchtop colour that matched our rimu cupboard doors
We still love our rimu cupboards which I made, Mike tells me, so we wanting a colour that would look good with the wood. The colour that we chose (silestone – blanco matrix) has a very subtle brown fleck which Clive said would tie in well with our rimu cupboards and it has.

My overall impression was that Mike and Anne had made the perfect choice for their home. They still kept the familiaity of their surroundings and have enhanced it with a stylish Stone benchtop. Yes, I loved hearing the words ‘I love my kitchen benchtop’ as I left them to enjoy their coffee.


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