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My Husband Would Have Loved My Kitchen Benchtop Replacement

I’ve just come home from as sad but beautiful story. One of loss, love and legacy – I thought I would share it.

I went around to Susan’s home this morning to show her stone samples for her kitchen benchtop. Her elegant brick home was warm and bright even though the day outside was miserable, to say the least. I noticed her beautiful chandelier hanging in her living room and commented on it. “Yes, I’ve never been much of a fancy person, you know,” She told me in no fuss sort of a way “but I’m trying to bring some sparkle to my life” I smiled and waited, wondering if she wanted to add anything to her comment.

“My husband passed away last year.” she told me, quickly wiping her eyes. “He always said, ‘If you like it Susan then get it.’ We never lacked anything but I was never really fussed with fancy stuff, living on a farm, but now….. I’m finally listening to him. When we bought this house I knew that I wanted to add some touches, spruce it up with lights, curtains and do something to the kitchen – it’s still a good kitchen – but it needs something. I don’t have the energy for the hassle and mess of a total kitchen renovation. Not on my own.

We sat down at her dining room table under another glittering chandelier and began to look through the stone samples I had brought. “That one” she said without hesitation, and she pointed to ‘twinkle black’ a quartz, black stone with sparkling mirror chips. “I like that one”.

That will bring an elegant and dramatic sparkle to your kitchen I assured her “Yes,” Susan smiled. “ If my husband could see me in my diamond frosted home he would have a good laugh” She chuckled. I’m quite sure he would.” I said seeing a smiling picture she had of him on the wall.

I’m really looking forward to bringing more sparkle to your home with a stunning benchtop, Susan.
Names and some details have been changed for privacy purposes.


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