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Achieving NZESAG Gold Accreditation: A Mark of Excellence in Engineered Stone Fabricating

In today's world, the demand for high quality engineered stone products is on the rise. With their exceptional durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, engineered stone surfaces have become a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike. However, ensuring the safety standards of fabricating these products is crucial. That's where industry accreditations play a pivotal role. One accreditation is the NZESAG RCS accreditation, offered by the New Zealand Engineered Stone Advisory Group.

One of the key focuses of NZESAG is ensuring the health and safety of workers in the engineered stone industry. The NZESAG Gold accreditation is a symbol of best practice in the fabricating of engineered stone.

NZESAG Accreditation ensures product safety: This focus on safety reduces the risk of exposure to harmful substances, such as silica dust, during the production, fabrication, and installation processes.

Gold Accreditation signifies that a company has implemented best practice safety protocols and measures to protect workers from potential hazards associated with the handling and fabrication of engineered stone.

By achieving Gold accreditation, this signifies our commitment to the Health and Safety of our team, and our team are committed to protecting themselves and their team members with best practice processes - everyday.

Consumers can have peace of mind that their benchtop is fabricated safely at Love My Kitchen Benchtop.  Find all current Participating Fabricators here or look for the RCS Accreditation marque


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