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Replace My Benchtop

A new stone benchtop is a surprisingly low-stress way to enhance the heart of your home where people naturally gather and connect. Whether you’re savouring a cuppa with friends or making dinner for children and family visiting home again, a gorgeous benchtop is something you’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy every day. It brings a timeless beauty to your home that no one can walk past without noticing.

Why invest in a custom stone benchtop?

Stunning style. A stone benchtop brings out the best in your kitchen. Its quiet elegance naturally complements both modern and classic styles.

Enduring value. A stone benchtop is a practical investment in your home’s value. Real estate agents tell us our benchtops help boost a home’s sale price.

Simplicity and ease. In just one day, you can transform your kitchen. You’ll enjoy a fresh look and significant upgrade without the inconvenience of a full remodel.

Our customers have been so happy with the results, we just had to share one experience:

“My home is twelve years old and I was tired of the navy blue benchtop. Our benchtop is still in perfect condition so I considered getting a new bench top. My 29 year old son said to me ‘Mum, you have a lovely home in a good area... don’t be silly, make sure you get a stone bench top.’ Which is what I did. I was quite surprised at how reasonable the price was and it has made such a change to our home. Honestly, I feel like it’s changed my life.”
- Wendy, Cambridge

Click here or check out the video below to watch how benchtop replacement transformed Wendy’s home.


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